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Fact File:

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Information about the Chichester Peregrine Family

From March to July it is possible to stand in the Centre of Chichester around the Cathedral and watch these amazing birds. A pair have been nesting here for 17 years and have now raised 55.

We do not know the ages of the birds as they are not ringed. We think they are both quite young - he is very smart!

Once the chicks have fledged and they have been taught how to hunt and catch their food (they live exclusively on birds catching them only on the wing) they will go their own way. Sometimes a juvenile will hang around the parents hoping for a free meal but by the time the next nesting season comes round they will be chased off to find their own place in the world. We do not know where all the offspring go but we know several live in Sussex, they have been seen in Brighton, Cambridge, Canterbury and Norwich they have been found as far afield as Holland, France and Belgium.

The Cathedral has a wonderful tea rooms and in April the RSPB set up a gazebo with telescopes for public viewing; a great way to while away an afternoon.

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